Establishment of Western Balkans Network of Agencies for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes.

ILO provides development assistance aiming to enhance the mechanisms for amicable settlement of labour disputes and to facilitate an interactive sharing of experience and good practices in alternative labour disputes resolution, which will support the formulation of dispute prevention and resolution policies.

Technical and logistic support is provided in the organisation of annual meetings of the Sub-regional Network of Agencies for Peaceful Settlement of Labour Disputes.

The purpose of the Network is to promote professional development and enhance collaboration among the bodies responsible for effective prevention and resolution of labour disputes. Furthermore, the members of the network will multilaterally engage in capacity building, awareness raising and training activities on matters relating to the prevention and resolution of labour disputes and will keep the non-participating sister agencies informed about the outcomes of the concerned activities.

During the first annual inter-agency meeting, organised in October 2016, the participating agencies decided to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation which would sanction the establishment of the Network and set out the basic principles for its functioning.

The 2nd annual meeting of the Network will take place on 1-3 November 2017, Igalo, Montenegro.

The meeting aims to:

  • Validate the sub-regional overview reports on individual labour dispute presentation and resolution systems
  • Present and discuss Guiding principles for effective labour dispute prevention and resolution
  • Present  criteria for efficient and high quality conciliation/mediation in light of comparative  practices and empirical research
  • Present and discuss new reforms in the area of amicable settlement of labour disputes
  • Pilot test of the ESAP sub-regional case database
  • Signing of Inter-Agency Memorandum of Cooperation