Social Dialogue

Sound industrial relations and effective social dialogue are a means to promote better wages and working conditions as well as social justice. As instruments of good governance they foster cooperation and economic performance, helping to create an enabling environment for the realization of the objective of Decent Work.

Collectively addressing labour and socioeconomic rights in the Western Balkans is an important precondition for continued social cohesion on the pathway to EU membership. Social dialogue between governments and employers’ and workers’ organisations at all levels is crucial for ensuring countries’ sustainable development, economic growth, employment creations and business performance, as well as for creating job quality and good employment practices.

In the ESAP project, ILO contributes to improving the functioning of Economic and Social Councils (ESCs) in the target countries through enhancing their institutional and technical capacity so as to become relevant actors in policy dialogue and institutional development of the labour market institutions with a view to creating more and better jobs.

Report on the Peer Review of the Economic and Social Councils in the Western Balkans

Report on the Peer Review of the Economic and Social Councils in the Western Balkans
report | 24 APR 2018

This report consolidates the findings, and recommendations as resulted from the Peer Review of Economic
and Social Councils (ESCs) carried out in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srpska and the Federation
of BiH), Montenegro, Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Kosovo (as defined by the
UN Security Council Resolution 1244). It also draws upon the conclusions of the High Level Sub-regional
Conference held in Belgrade on 5–6 July 2017.

Download: EN SQ BHS MK SR 

ESAP immediate objectives

  • Legal, institutional, and operational frameworks of Economic and Social Councils are peer-reviewed and recommendations for improvement of their effectiveness, relevance and efficiency are made.
  • Economic and Social Councils commit to the implementation of selected recommendations.
  • Economic and Social Councils implement selected recommendations with the ESAP technical support.