Employment Strategy and Policy Making

We are working to enhance regional cooperation and national capacities to develop and effectively implement labour market policy reforms

National employment strategies, policies and programmes are important tools for achieving employment goals. Ensuring that these tools take into account key challenges and opportunities and are broadly agreed by all the main stakeholders in the economy are important preconditions for their successful implementation. In this regard, ESAP will promote mutual learning and the exchange of experience on selected employment policies and programmes and support national needs through demand based technical assistance.

ESAP immediate objectives

  • Enhance the capacities of the relevant administrations for improved policy reviews and policy outcomes related to the prioritized employment, human capital and social reforms
  • Support the processes for preparation, monitoring and follow up of the integrated Economic Reform Programmes (employment and social component) and monitoring of the current Employment and Social Reform Programmes through experience exchange, mutual learning, identification of best practices, hands-on targeted expertise and improved insight, adaptation and application of EU level tools and instruments.