Labour Inspection

The effective application of existing labour law and its alignment with relevant EU labour law and directives – such as in the field of occupational safety and health, working conditions, discrimination, industrial relations – are a critical and challenging dimension of labour policies and practices. While a long-term solution requires a combination of different policies and tools, enhanced compliance through a better performing labour inspection function is critical.

The development assistance focuses on the strengthening and modernization of labour inspection taking into consideration international labour standards and the general principles deriving from ratified ILO conventions. A network of labour inspectorates in the Western Balkans will be established based on selected elements from the Senior Labour Inspectors Committee (SLIC) existing at the EU level. Sub regional meetings are organized and joint activities are implemented, including labour inspection campaigns.

Conducting Labour Inspections
on Construction - A guide for labour inspectors

Conducting Labour Inspections on Construction - A guide for labour inspectors
report | 22 AUG 2017

The objective of this guide is to assist labour inspectors fulfil their inspectorial function by providing information, in a user friendly format on, a suggested methodology for conducting inspections of construction activities; from planning to reporting on the inspection, as well as providing technical information which labour inspectors can supply to employers and workers, so as to ensure “Decent Work”.

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ESAP immediate objectives

  • Enhance cooperation at sub regional level with the aim of strengthening national labour inspectorates.
  • Support labour inspectorate in the design and use of labour inspection tools.