ESCs commitment to implementation of recommendations

The recommendations selected by each Economic and Social Council (ESC) as resulted from discussions at the Belgrade Conference in July 2017, are listed in the below table.

Country Selected recommendations
Republic of Albania
  1. Agreement on a set of pre-determined objective, precise, easy to check representativity criteria to be set out in a regulation (e.g. special law or sub legal) and harmonise the level of representativity in the National Labour Council in order to maximise the impact of its outcomes.
  2. A “tracking” system adopted so that the National Labour Council is able to ascertain and assess the level and degree to which their recommendations are acted upon at the Council of Ministers.
Bosnia and Herzegovina ESC of the Federation of BiH:
  1. Drafting of a special law which will regulate the work of the ESC of  FBiH.
  2. Organize activities for awareness raising on the role of the Government as promoter, helper, regulator and body for implementation of the social dialogue in key Ministries whose mandate encompasses economy.
ESC of Republika Srpska:
  1. Boost ESC ‘s Standing Committees work and increase their number.
  2. Eliminate the stalemate in the social dialogue process
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  1. Improvement in technical expertise available to the ESC by engaging appropriate research institutions, academia and relevant civil society organizations.
  2. Procedures to be put in place to ensure that draft laws /strategic   documents are sent and commented upon by the ESC.
  1. Reduction of number of representatives to maximum 8 for each party represented in the Council.
  2. Change of composition of the group of government representatives, so that it includes officials from key Ministries with wide scope of work in the field of development of economy/entrepreneurship.
Republic of Serbia
  1. Bills to be accompanied by the ESC’s recommendations /opinions when submitted to Parliament.
  2. Submitting the opinions of  both to the Government and the Ministry and shorter time limits for responses.
  3. Better recognition by the Government of the ESC as the national tripartite advisory body and an increase in its budget.
Kosovo[1] To be confirmed.

[1] This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence