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Employment Policies and Measures

Employment policies and measures

Employment policies and measures

Designing, monitoring and evaluating effective employment policies and measures

RCC’s ESAP 2 Team works to strengthen institutional capacities of Ministries of Labour and Social Affairs and Public Employment Services (PES) in developing, monitoring and evaluating labour market policies and measures including measures outlined in Economic Reform Programmes (ERP), through:

  • Regional peer reviews - mutual learning activities, aiming to promote exchange of experience and joint learning on key policies and programmes aimed at (1) supporting the transition from economic inactivity to employment and (2) employment of youth, long term unemployed and vulnerable groups as areas of shared concern
  • Harmonization of the regional labour market policies database and labour market reform database with those of the EU, by supporting national administrations of Western Balkan PES offices to classify existing data and further collect new data on public expenditure on labour market policy measures, beneficiaries and results in a harmonized manner based on EU methodologies.
  • Annual analytical reports on labour market trends  and social developments in the Western Balkans
  • National technical assistance on priority employment policies or measures, upon the request of the beneficiary institutions, targeting an immediate need related to national employment policy and programme design, implementation or monitoring