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17.01.2018-18.01.2018 Tirana, Albania

Labour Inspection Campaign Planning Workshop

ILO is implementing national preparatory workshops for labour inspectors and relevant staff from the ministries in charge of labour inspection. The overall objective is to prepare for inspection campaigns on occupational safety and health (OSH) in the construction sector on selected hazards. Furthermore, practical tools for onsite visits and reporting as well as campaign material is provided by ILO – based on ILO’s long standing work experience in with labour inspectorates in the Western Balkans.  

The assistance is provided by ILO’s experienced Labour Inspection experts and is based on the new ILO LI guide from 2017 “Conducting Labour Inspections on Construction”. http://www.ilo.org/labadmin/info/pubs/WCMS_570678/lang--en/index.htm.