RCC ESAP 2: Mutual Assistance Project (MAP) Follow Up Workshop for Enforcement Authorities of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Discuss Performance in Tackling Undeclared Work

05 June 2023 Zoom
Mutual Assistance Project (MAP) - Follow up

Mutual Assistance Project (MAP) - Follow up

A team of EU experts as well as representatives of the Tax Administration (FURS) of Slovenia and Tax Authority and Labour Inspectorate of Kosovo * supported the Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina (TAFBiH) in improving its effectiveness in tackling undeclared work during the initial Mutual Assistance Project (MAP) visit that took place on 6th October 2021.

The follow-up gathering, discussing the progress made and challenges faced in the implementation of the original MAP’s recommendations, involving European experts and the RCC’s ESAP2 team, is to be held online on 05 June, 2023.

The meeting participants will discuss the entire set of the MAP recommendations aimed at enhancing performance of enforcement authorities in tackling undeclared work, explore available tools and measures, and exchange experiences. The goal of the follow up workshop is to ensure that the learning and insights are translated into concrete actions and positive change.