RCC ESAP Technical Assistance: Brochure on Youth Employment Programmes

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), through its Employment and Social Affairs Platform (ESAP) project, will help to develop a brochure on available Youth Employment Programmes in Montenegro.

This brochure will be a simple informative tool for the unemployed youth that would facilitate their knowledge of potential programmes available to them, as well as ways and channels to access them. It is to summarise all available programmes for employment of youth, provided by six agencies/organisations. The brochure is to be distributed (electronically, for online use and in print version) through youth target groups in Montenegro as well as shared with other relevant institutions that provide youth employment programmes.

The brochure is expected to be ready for dissemination at the end of October 2018.

This activity is a part of the ESAP technical assistance to support national processes related to the preparation, monitoring and follow up of national employment, labour market and social affairs strategies, action plans and/or measures, as well as other priority areas under the mandate of Ministries of Labour and Public Employment Services, who are the beneficiaries of this assistance.

The RCC's ESAP project is funded by the EU.