RCC’s ESAP Technical Assistance: Development of Catalogue of Processes for Public Employment Service

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), through its Employment and Social Affairs Platform (ESAP) project, will support Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Public Employment Service (PES) of Republika Srpska, in the development of their Catalogue of Processes for PES. 

The consultancy will help with sequencing processes and setting rules for the implementation of strategic development goals and plans. It will review, map and analyse current business processes including the roles and responsibilities of institutional structures and individual functionaries - vertically at all levels of administration, and horizontally across other key cross-functional departments.

The activity is expected to be carried out in the period between August and December resulting in helping PES in RS restructures their organization by focusing on the ground-up design of their business processes. Based on a business process re-engineering methodology, an analysis and design of workflows and business processes within the organization will be conducted with the aim to help the organization fundamentally rethink how it can improve customer service, cut operational costs, and adjust its services to constantly changing labour market.

This activity is a part of the ESAP technical assistance to support national processes related to the preparation, monitoring and follow up of national employment, labour market and social affairs strategies, action plans and/or measures, as well as other priority areas under the mandate of Ministries of Labour and Public Employment Services, who are the beneficiaries of this assistance.

The RCC's ESAP project is funded by the EU.