Skopje: ESAP co-organises National Consultative Meeting on the Employment and Social Reform Programme

Skopje – The Employment and Social Affairs Platform (ESAP) project of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) provided support to a National Consultative Meeting on the Employment and Social Reform Programme, held in February 2017 in Skopje. 

The support was carried out through the assistance in organisation of the national consultative event, after the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia completed their Employment and Social Reform Programme (ESRP) document and public consultations with all relevant and interested stakeholders (civil sector, social partners, international organizations, academia, etc.). ESAP project assisted in gathering representatives from other ministries of labour in the region (namely, Serbia and Montenegro, who have completed the ESRP preparation exercise), in order to share their experience in drafting and implementing their ESRPs.

Recognizing different national needs of the beneficiaries and in order to increase its impact on the ground, the ESAP project through its Technical Assistance provides targeted support at the national level in the area of employment and social development. This is mainly done through expert services to assist beneficiaries with the identified needs or with the organization of relevant national events.