4th session of ESAP 2 Mutual Assistance Project (MAP) to be hosted by Kosovo* enforcement authorities

25 October 2021 ONLINE
Mutual Assistance Project (MAP)

Mutual Assistance Project (MAP)

Regional Cooperation Council’s (RCC) Employment and Social Affairs Platform (ESAP 2) project is organising 2021 series of Mutual Assistance Project(s) (MAP) for project’s partners from the Western Balkans economies. These MAPs are designed around enhancing performance of the enforcement authorities in the region in tackling undeclared work.

The 4th session of ESAP 2 Mutual Assistance Project (MAP) is to be hosted by Kosovo* enforcement authorities, with the technical expertise and support from the peer experts from European Union member states, European countries and the Western Balkan region, led by the ESAP 2 Lead Expert on undeclared work, like in the previous ones. It will take place online, on Monday, 25 October 2021.

The MAPs are designed as the demand-driven interventions aimed at providing practical, hands-on, and tailored learning exchange, supporting the needs of a specific host enforcement authority. They help solve issues, provide advice and implementation support. MAPs offer the host enforcement authority the opportunity to exchange ideas with a group of peer experts (colleagues from equivalent enforcement authorities in other economies).